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Home Loans

Our mission in the Home Loan Program is to evaluate the water and wastewater systems on rural properties involved with transfer of ownership. This evaluation is designed to protect the health and well being of the persons using these systems and the environment around them.

The home loan program is an evaluation done on rural properties in Laramie County during the conveyance or transfer of property ownership. Loan evaluations are required by FHA, VA, and most conventional loan agencies. State Statute WS 35-1-229(b) requires that if any party involved in the transfer of property wishes to have the water tested that it must be done so by the local health department, if possible, or by a third neutral party if the local health department does not have a loan evaluation program. The loan evauation consists of the following items:

  • Water tests for Coliform Bacteria, Nitrates, Sulfates, and TDS
  • Last pumping of the septic tank
  • Surface evaluation of the septic system
  • Integrity of the well
  • Comparison of septic system capacity vs the present size of the home
  • Illegal laundry waste dumping
  • Other items as needed

A Well & Septic Inspection Request will need to be completed and returned with the inspection fees:

Inspections start at $290.00 but lab fees will vary based on services.
Homes on public water supply are $230.00

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