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Services provided by the MCH Nurses at Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department promote wellness for all families. The goals of the MCH Nurses are:
Facilitate early and appropriate prenatal care for all women
Provide support and education to new families during the postpartum/newborn period
Support families of children with special health care needs
The following programs are funded at City County Health:

    Perinatal program that assists pregnant women in accessing care and services to help assure a healthy pregnancy
    Free to all pregnant women, without financial qualifications
    Assistance to complete the application for Medicaid coverage if needed.
    Prenatal classes, education, and support
    Smoking cessation support
    Breast feeding classes and support
    Parenting classes and support to help new families be successful after the birth and homecoming of their new baby.
    Referrals to other Maternal Child Health and community resources.

    Limited financial assistance for income eligible families
    Care coordination for child with special health care needs

    Limited financial assistance to financially qualifying pregnant women who require transfer to a tertiary care center out of state.
    Limited coverage for pre and post conceptual genetic counseling and testing for families
    High-risk pregnancy and newborn intensive care support services.

    If you know of a child that has special health care needs, or if you just have questions, call MCH Nurse at 633-4013.

    Limited financial assistance to qualifying infants who are delivered at or transported to a tertiary care facility (NICU III) from a delivering Wyoming hospital.

    Maternal Child Health Programs contracts to provide genetic counseling services
    Helps families to gain a clearer understanding of inherited/genetic conditions and other birth defects
    No financial eligibility is required for appointments

    Free Infant Feeding Support Group
    FREE Infant feeding Support group 2nd Wednesday of each month from 1-3pm at The Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department (CLCHD) 100 Central Ave. We welcome all mothers who are considering or currently breastfeeding their babies. Monthly Infant Support feeding group offered beginning January 1, 2018. For more information please call 633-4069.

    Free Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Class Free Love and Logic early childhood parenting classes. A two session class will be offered monthly from 1-5pm at the Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department (CLCHD), 100 Central Ave. We welcome new or potential parents who need new processes that allow children to grow through their mistakes and learn consequences from their choices. Class size is limited. Please call 307-633-4069 for more information and to register.

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