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Emergency calls: 911
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(307) 637-6525
For all other calls:
(307) 633-4700

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Make Your Wishes Known Before you go.

Facing our own mortality is not something we like to contemplate, but making your funeral and burial plan wishes known, along with your financial, and other asset information before you die will make it easier for your family to cope with your loss. To help make that task easier, we have attached a helpful interactive pdf. document that you can complete to provide your loved ones with the information they will need to help them along each step of the way. Avoid including the information in your will since that is generally not the place most people look when taking your wishes into account. You can download and fill in the file attached to the page and give it to the person who manages your estate or put it in a safe place where people will know where to find it. Understand that your family may not be able or willing to follow all of your wishes, but having the information gives them a starting point.

Download Final Wishes Document.

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