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Public Works

Road & Bridge, Parks & Grounds, Maintenance

Public Works: 13797 Prairie Center Circle, Cheyenne, WY 82009

Phone - 307-633-4302, Office/Permitting Fax -  307-633-4219

Hours - Monday - Thursday 6:00am to 4:30pm

Director Rob Geringer - 307-633-4302 -
Public Works Operations Supervisor Lloyd Federer - 307-633-4302

Executive Assistant Michelle Sowder - 307-633-4691 -
Administrative Assistant Katrina Munoz - 307-633-4692 -
Maintenance Supervisors Mike McInerney - 307-633-4302

Shop Foreman Dean Nuse - 307-633-4302
Permitting Technician Justin R. Arnold - 307-633-4695 -
Parts ordering Specialist Doug Hammack - 307-633-4693 -
Maintenance Foreman Doug Haak - 307-633-4302

Assistant Director Dave Bumann - 307-633-4302 –
Parks & Grounds Foreman Shad Yenglin - 307-633-4302

Clear Creek Park: Contact main office for available dates 307-633-4302


Project Bid information at QuestCDN

Both the North and South Clear Creek Park are located on Southwest Dr. West of town, open May through September and available from 8:00am to 8:00pm. Each reservation is on a first come first serve basis and can only be confirmed by a non-refundable user’s fee and a completed application. Acceptable forms of payment include checks or exact cash. Both parks are equipped with a covered shelter, restrooms, horse shoe pit, volleyball net and BBQ grill pits.
Clear Creek South
Estimated completion date early to mid-June 2017
251 Southwest Dr. is a bigger picnic area and can accommodate over 100 people.
Clear Creek North 341 Southwest Dr. is a smaller picnic area and can accommodate around 50 people comfortably.

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